To The Editor:

I know where Charlie Dooley lives….

Charlie Dooley knows where he lives; it is apparent he also knows where Steve Stenger lives or should I say doesn’t live.  We have been sounding this alarm for months and it has fell on deaf media ears.  My question to Charlie Dooley is why now?  If you knew Steve was not living in the district where he was elected, why wait for a primary to make it known to the world?  Politics as usual. 

Now let me explain why it matters that Mr. Stenger actually lives in the district he was elected.  The St. Louis County Charter requires it.  The people deserve representation of an elected official that lives in the district and shares the everyday concerns of that district.  Stenger can follow the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law.  Two toothbrushes and an organized home visit doesn’t constitute actually living at that address.  The burning question the media hasn’t answered is why Melissa Faulbaum who is the supposed renter at his Clayton address is also listed as a campaign worker to the tune of $31,428.88 in 2012 with the address of 2630 Lemp Ave, Apt A, St. Louis, MO 63118 per the Missouri Ethics Commission.  Mr. Dooley says he doesn’t know where Mr. Stenger lives but come on fill in the blanks.

Tony Pousosa
Republican Candidate for St. Louis County Executive