Ann Wagner

Ann Wagner

Although we have passed common-sense solutions, there is still so much work to be done. And that’s why I filed my paperwork today to return to Congress in 2015.

Ballwin – Congresswoman Ann Wagner issued the following statement after filing for reelection to represent the people of Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives:

“Serving the people of Missouri’s 2nd District in Congress is one of the greatest honors of my life. It’s so personal for me because the 2nd District is my home.  It’s where I’ve grown-up, worked, volunteered, go to church, raised my children and where I met my husband Ray of twenty-seven years.  My life is woven into the fabric of this community.

“As I travel throughout the 2nd District – I listen to the struggles of hardworking Missourians trying to make it to the 15th and 30th of every month in this tough economy.  Whether it’s skyrocketing health care costs, higher energy bills, or more taxes – they just want to get Washington out of their way and out of their daily lives.

“That’s why during my first 13 months in Congress – I took action on solutions that will create an environment for good-paying jobs, lower energy prices, and jump-starting this stagnant economy.

“The House of Representatives passed nearly 200 bills that are stuck in Harry Reid’s do-nothing Senate.  Real solutions that will increase upward mobility, restore the American Dream, put more money in your pocket and reestablish the solemn covenant that government ought not to be on the backs of hardworking Americans trying to make a living.  And if it takes another 200 bills to finally force Harry Reid and President Obama to act – I will not stop fighting for you until the job is done.

“Although we have passed common-sense solutions, there is still so much work to be done. And that’s why I filed my paperwork today to return to Congress in 2015.  I will strive to represent your values and earn your support.  Even though I will be in Washington fighting for our values, I will never be of Washington.  I’m of Ballwin, Arnold, Oakville, Kirkwood, O’Fallon, and so many other places that make up the 2nd Congressional District.”

Background on legislative achievements:

  • Congresswoman Wagner has sponsored or co-sponsored 136 bills so far in the 113th Congress
  • Congresswoman Wagner introduced the Retail Investor Protection Act, a bill that would preserve and increase access to sound financial advice and investment products for Americans of all income levels, which was passed by a bipartisan vote in the United States House of Representatives on October 29, 2013.
  • Congresswoman Wagner was a lead co-sponsor on the Holding Company Registration Threshold Equalization Act.  This bill also passed the US House of Representatives by a bipartisan vote on January 14, 2014.
  • Congresswoman Wagner has responded to 50,000 legislative inquiries from constituents during her time in Congress.
  • Congresswoman Wagner serves at the freshman class representative to leadership and the Co-Chair of the Task Force on Human Trafficking for the Women’s Policy Committee.